Story Behind This Rare Bird
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HOW We Got this Car
We ended up with this 1969 Rare Bird after We saw it in Newspaper Classified ad.
I went to see the car it had 6,000 mile on it and was just 6 months old!
At the time I did not know that this was a unique build the Factory Transitor ignition, M-22 4 speed and
Dual Disc clutch were rare only 102 and 101 built. Only 1661 were built with Front and rear F-41 suspension that it has!

The History

With some research, we found some interesting info regarding this car.
It was built on Decenber 11, 1969, during last two weeks of 1969 production
run it is about 600 from end of production. the Engine was built in Tonowanda NY on
12/01/69, code T1202LT this was (SPHP)
short special production run for the 427/435 with Dual disc clutch and Transitor Ignition.

The  SCCA rules at that time requireed 100 cars built with these race options, Group 7 Homologation.

I met the Hand build guy that built the Engine at Tonawanda

I was at a Car show in Clearwater Fl at a Steak and Lube,and  this 75 or more year old  guy comes up and says  his grand son suggested he look  at  MY Vette, it was he thought special and his gramps might want to look at it!

So  he pulls out a  handkerchief and  wipes of block stamp and asks me  if it still has double disc clutch!

 Turns out it was one of the Hand Builders for  the SPHP engines the L-88  and all the  L-71  that were  Designated SPHP  with MA-6 Dual Disc clutches mine was built 12/01/1969. He said built it, and  used up the last  Ma-6 Clutch pac in stock at Tonawanda plant


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